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Commission information

ONLY Animal Crossing Villager Commissions are open!

For already made AC villagers:
Please upload 4 screenshots of your villager in the outfit you want: Front, Back, Left, Right. Best to do this in the closet/dressing room!

Optional: include a reaction/pose that you'd want them to do!

For people/OCs you'd want to be drawn as an AC villager:
Please upload quality reference pictures with a brief description of the subject! Ensure that the reference(s) include the person/OC from head to toe in your preferred outfit/look. You may upload them piece by piece; for example, you may not have a full body picture but you have separate pictures of what you want them to wear i.e. a shirt, pants, shoes, etc.

Optional: Describe the AC facial features that you'd like (i.e. triangle nose, lazy eyes, cat mouth); check out this wiki guide for a full list of face/hair features and Nookazon for animal crossing clothes/accessories!

If you do not have 4 reference images, do not worry! However all 4 reference fields must be filled to submit the form, so feel free to upload the same photo multiple times in order to do so.

Commission statuses may be viewed here.

A confirmation message will appear when you send a form.
If you do not see a message, ensure that all required fields are filled/marked.

Payments must be made in USD via PayPal only.

All prices listed are only base prices. Included in the base price: 1 character, solid color background and/or transparent background, max width of 2400px 300DPI .PNG or .JPEG image. Base prices will not be lowered. Some examples shown may be worth more than base price.

Below are additional fees (if necessary):

  • Complex characters: +$5 USD

  • Portrait (Real Person): +10 USD

  • Pattern Background: +$1 USD

Style A: Colored sketch

A Bust $10usd

A half body $20usd

A 3/4 BODY $30USD

A Full Body $60USD

Style B: Complete Color

B Bust $30USD

B Half Body $45USD

B 3/4 BODY $60USD

B Full Body $80USD

Twitch Commissions

$30usd ea./$70 for 3

All characters belong to their respective owners. Artwork belongs to jeccae.

Terms of service

Upon contacting the artist, Jecca, about a commission, you, the client, have agreed upon the following terms:

  • The artist has the right to decline any commission for any reason, may it be too uncomfortable or if the client is being uncooperative.

  • When the commission is accepted, the artist will send the client an invoice to pay within 10 days of the invoice being sent.

  • Payment is upfront. The artist will not start the client's commission until full payment is received.

  • Upon receiving payment, the artist will begin the client's commission. The artist will send an e-mail to the client when the commission has been started.

  • The client cannot cancel the commission once it has been started.

  • The artist will send the client a sketch which will require the client's approval before moving further. If there are any changes needed, the client must let the artist know at this point. After approval has been received, no major changes can be made to the commissioned piece (minor changes such as color correction is fine).

  • Do not rush the artist with constant questions regarding when the commission will be completed. Exception: if it has been over 1 month (30 days) since payment, it is understandable for the client to contact the artist in a calm and polite manner.

  • If the client needs the commission done before a certain day, please consider this before commissioning. The artist will not accept anything needed to be completed in less than a 2 weeks (14 days) of time, however the artist still has the right to decline any deadline regardless.

  • The client or any other persons/entity may not modify, alter or edit the final commissioned artwork, including but not limited to adding/removing any elements not originally included in the piece, removing the artist's signature or adjusting the colors of the image in any way.

  • The commissioned piece is for personal use only. Commercial use (using the image for profit - included but not limited to: selling it as stickers, using it as emotes for Twitch Subscriptions), is prohibited. Exception: commission type is specifically for Twitch emotes.

  • Printing the commissioned piece for personal use is fine, however mass printing to sell is prohibited.

  • Posting the commissioned piece to social media with credit to the artist is allowed, credit preferably by a direct link to the artist's social media (IG: @jeccae, Twitter: @jeccae_) and/or this site.

  • The commissioned artwork belongs to the artist. The art cannot be claimed by the client as their own.

  • Unless specifically asked otherwise by the client, any commissioned piece can and may be uploaded to the artist's social media with proper character credentials (as needed), or used as an example.

  • If any of these terms have been violated, the artist will kindly contact the client to come to a solution. If no solution can be met, the client will be blacklisted and will not be able to commission the artist going forward.


If you’re contacting me about a commission, please fill out the form on the commissions page. Otherwise, feel free to send a DM to my social media/discord! Please be patient and allow some time for a reply.

DM: IG @jeccae, Twitter @jeccae_
Discord: jeccae#0074


Digital artist • creative streamer